What Clients Say

Laura Workman / a Survivors Perspective
“Wow. I know that you wanted to have me on the phone to review my new website, but I couldn’t help myself.  I am moved to tears. It’s better than I even imagined! Thank you! I feel like Cinderella who tried making her dress for the ball and it didn’t work out, only to have her Fairy God Mother show up to give her something so much better. You, are my Fairy God Mother!”

Martin Drucker / CiCi’s Pizza
“As a CICI’s Pizza franchise owner, I have never been very hands on, Rudy not only opened my eyes to how the restaurants were supposed to run but coached me on how to be a better owner and operator. The marketing systems he put in place are simple, effective and begin with the guest experience. We were really sorry to see him go back to the West Coast.”

JR Kriechbaum | Marketing Dir. | Vantage Point Products
“The combination of an extensive design, critical thinking and planning skills was like having an entire marketing team at my disposal – a rare find!”

Eli Gruber | President, CEO | Ecologix Environmental System
“Rudy spearheaded and energized our entire marketing effort that allowed us to attend exhibitions and conferences for the first time. His positive, upbeat attitude, friendship and contribution to Ecologix marketing, sales and operations made a huge impact. We will forever be grateful to him.”

Rick Gomez | General Manager | East Side Marios
“I have known Rudy most of my life. He is one of those rare people driven by attitude. It is more than thinking outside the box… if things aren’t working, he will reinvent the box. Tell him “he can’t”, he will walk over hot coals to prove that he can. He has always been my marketing guy. Those few times he wasn’t, I regretted it!”

Tim Wares | Owner | iEnergy
“I spent thousands of dollars with a local agency to develop print and web materials. My partner, who had worked with Rudy, sent him the proofs for critique. I was so impressed with his input, I decided to scrap what I had done previously and start over. In a very short time he was able to develop concepts that hit the mark – he is brilliant!”

David Kreiner | Owner | The Source For Music
“I sell CDs and vinyl records and even though technology has changed, I am still in business largely due to the consistent marketing program and systems we put in place with Rudy’s help.”

Ed Halstead | Owner | Halsteel Manufacturing EM Speed and Power Training
“Rudy saved Halsteel a lot of money and kept coming up with crazy ideas and designs on how to promote product. It was a blast working with him. After I sold Halsteel, I started a new company, EM Speed and Power Training. With Rudy’s help the company has grown to 6 locations, throughout Southern California.”

Michael Johns / Owner | TearOff Products
“Every company I go to work for, I know I have an “ace in the whole”, whether it’s web design, graphics, advertising, printing, sales or systems. Rudy always done more with what is given him and brings a lot to the table.”

Julie Dillion | Systems Admin | Calolympic Safety
“Before Rudy, we outsourced our 600 page safety supply catalog to several vendors for years. Rudy helped us to build a department to bring it in-house, move it to a digital format, and onto the web. Really he helped us define our marketing program from scratch, saving us thousands of dollars in costs. We couldn’t have done it without him.”

Fred Davis | Owner | Sound Garden Productions
“When I decided to quit my job, spur of the moment and go back into the entertainment business my first call was to Rudy. He helped me put together a marketing, web site and plan. Three years later I have more than doubled my income.”