Services – Capabilities – Skill Set

For more than 30 years I’ve worked as an for many clients as their offsite web, marketing, creative, and business development department.

Design & Creative
• Concept Development
• Web, print, video, audio
• Presentations development & training
• Video production and editing
• Audio production and editing
• Voice-Over Talent
• Script writing, story-boarding
• Data-driven print design strategy

Web Design / Social Media
• Web concept design & planning
• WordPress migration
• WordPress website development
• WordPress theme, and customization
• WordPress, blog,  training
• SEO copywriting
• Google tools, analytics
• SEO set up and strategy
• HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
• Strategy, setup and  training

Marketing & Planning
• Strategic planning
• Brand development
• Promotion and media relations
• Copywriter
• Variable data HTML email
• Personalized/Data-driven print design strategy

Wow. I know that you wanted to have me on the phone to review my new website, but I couldn’t help myself.  I am moved to tears. It’s better than I even imagined! Thank you! I feel like Cinderella who tried making her dress for the ball and it didn’t work out, only to have her Fairy God Mother show up to give her something so much better. You, are my Fairy God Mother!

Laura Workman, a Survivors Perspective